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Specializing in developing small and medium sized software projects for the dental industry.

Growth orientated solutions designed to simplify and expedite life in your practice.

Agile processes to get your solution up and running as quickly as possible.

Your success is our focus. We combine the technical knowledge with your ideas.

Getting from start to finish with great communication promises a better result for you.

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Dynamic Software Solutions

Desktop Programs

Native desktop applications design and development which can integrate into your existing software.

Web Apps

Web applications give you access to great solutions while minimizing your upfront hardware costs. Utilize the benefits of the web for your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine your on-premis solutions with the power of cloud computing. Hybrid applications use the best of both worlds.

Spotlight: HistoryFX

ImageFX is a legacy digital imaging software no longer support by it’s creator. 

HistoryFX gives you full access to your image archive. View, email and export your digital x-rays with the simple to use HistoryFX by Toothsoft.

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